time to divide Karl Foerster?

WendyB(5A/MA)March 26, 2005

I just was cutting him back and noticed an empty middle. about a 6" middle hole with a 6" ring around it.

Is that time to divide?

I don't recall any problems with form last year. Actually, I recall thinking it finally was beginning to look mature. Planted May '02.

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actually, I guessed sizes wrong. The clump is actually 12" wide total. About 4" middle and about 4" ring.

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Pudge 2b

Yes, that would normally indicate time to divide however I've noticed on mine that the outside ring always shows new green shoots first and the middle greens up a short time later, and cutting back dead foliage will certainly speed up that process. But if the middle section has no old foliage either (completely empty?) perhaps it is time to divide. Or a mouse was at work in there over the winter.

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jake(z4b-5 NE)

The middle of the grass clumps, in colder climates, always takes a little longer to green up.

Sun gets to the outside edges and as stated once you trim the grass back then the middle gets the sun as well.

I wouldn't think that you need to split yet this year but if you did you should not have any problems. You would just have more Karl's and smaller KarlÂs. This is a case where more is better and not just more.


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I see. Thanks. Seeing as this bed just recently came out from its snow cover, I will wait and see if the middle shows any growth before I decide to divide.

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