Is there a groundcover for me?

shawneeksMarch 27, 2007

Just built a new house and have a long berm to cover (150 feet). Mostly sun, but some shade (zone 6, eastern Kansas). Would prefer something that fills in fast or not to expensive up front. Would also prefer it be easy to maintain. I don't want much, do I? Did I mention the deer?

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Hate to suggest it but...iceplant may be your answer IF u want nothing else to grow there. Don't buy it, get it from your neighbors, Just lay it down and it will grow with little to no planting and little to no water, it will grow. Be sure to choose the small leaf blanket type. With all the rain in CA, the larger type is sliding down the slopes. PA is touting crownvetch. Good luck

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trowelgal(Kansas Zone 5)

Do you really live in Shawnee, Kansas? I do. If you are still looking for a ground cover idea please e-mail me through gardenweb and I will invite you over to see what I have done for groundcover. My # is 913-268-9697, if you would rather call. I live close to the Shawnee Library.

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