Oh...Are my feather reeds going to multiply?

mickeddie(6)March 19, 2006

Hi, I just saw my neighbor chop his feather reed grass to about 2 feet from the ground. I have feather reed grasses but didn't know I was supposed to do anything like that, so I popped onto this board to see what I need to do. I read a few comments about dividing grasses as they grow thicker, but wasn't sure if feather reads do the same. Should I expect my two clumps of grass to multiply over time? Just want to be ready.



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They are clumpers, slow to expand and are sterile, so if you want more you will have to divide them. Calamagrostis x acutiflora is a deciduous grass - it dies back to the roots in winter, leaving the straw colored foliage in place for winter interest. These should be cut back in early spring before new growth really starts to expand. 2' is still pretty tall - I'd cut them back to 4-6". You can divide them at the same time you cut them back if you wish.

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They will increase in circumference, with new growth shooting out around the outside.
You can leave them alone (i.e., not divide) if they're healthy.
If the insides start to look poorly, dig 'em up and divide in late Winter or early Spring.
Cut down to 6 inches in early Spring or when you see new growth starting.
Your neighbor might have cut to 2 feet to provide some protection from cold...maybe.

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