Pampas Grass

Grancru(z5 MI)March 14, 2004

I am looking for some Pampas grass plugs or seed.

Can anyone help.

Thank you,


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Pampas grass, Cortaderia species, are not hardy in zones lower than 7 and should be treated as an annual. Seeds are available regulalry on Ebay or by mail order from Chilterns or Gardenmakers.

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Eucalyptusman(Zone 8 Oregon)

Cortadera Pumila is hardy to zone 6... While Andes silver and Patagonia Both has survived in Michigan at -17F
The 3 listed above need good drainage and a Protected site at least on the Pumila...

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well_rooted(5, BC Canada)

Last week I removed the mulch of leaves from my Cortaderia 'Icalma' and was thrilled to see that it easily survived the winter. We had 2 nights that went down to -19F degrees (-28C).

The mulch consisted of lots of leaves with a bag of leaves on top. The ground and leaves were dry when I mulched. That is important to prevent rot.

The Pampas grass leaves didn't even go brown or wither. They look totally healthy. This was its first winter and I am really looking forward to seeing what it does this summer!

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kicker(z4 MN)

A note to Well Rooted, I'll try to remain positive along with you, however if your pampas had not survived, the leaves would still look green and healthy under the mulch. You can only be sure it survived when you see new growth.
Wishing you good luck ...keep us posted.

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were you able to get your plugs,if if you didnt,I know the best person in the World to grow the plugs for u.e me a

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maui4me(z6A TN)

Cortaderia selloana, the standard pampas grass, is quite hardy here in zone 6a. I've had a large clump for many years, as have others in this area with no problems. Mine has withstood down to 0°F and comes right back up in the Spring and is never mulched. Right now it is about 10' tall and the many flower head have just opened completely.

I remember back in the 1980's everyone saying it was too cold here, that it's a tropical and wouldn't survive. They are wrong. They said the same thing about bananas and I've got multiple plantings of them (Musa basjoo) that have pseudotrunks ten feet tall with six foot long leaves.

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I am considering planting some Pampass Grass for outside our fence next to the road for privacy issues. I keep reading on this site about the pampass grass growing plums. Is this for real? I am looking for the tall grass that has the bunny looking tail, i think i am right that this is Pampass grass? Can anyone help?

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I'll assume you meant plumes rather than plums. Pampas grass does have plumes, but they don't look much like Bunny Tails.

Lagurus ovatus, Hare's Tail Grass, AKA Bunny Tails:

Cortaderia selloana, Pampas Grass:

Also, Bunny Tails are annuals, a foot or so tall. Pampas Grass is perennial, and way taller.

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Don - that is one incredible clump of pampass! Thanks for the pic.

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well_rooted(5, BC Canada)

This thread is still going so I will report that my 'Icalma' survived the winter however it didn't grow much last summer. I didn't mulch it at all this past fall, as we had a wet fall and I didn't want it to rot. But we have lots of snow cover so I am hoping it will pull through and that it will grow nicely next year.

Aren't we gardeners optimists?

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UKtransplant(Z5 MO USA)

Greetings one and all,

I have attained approx 1000 pink pampass grass seeds and approx, and approx 500 white. I read somewhere it can be quite invasive, three questions.

1) If it is invasive will it grow in a half wooden barrel?

2) How much seed would I need to put in each barrel?

3) I read pampass can be dangerous due to the leaves having sharp edges. Would they be ok "close to" but not butting against a deck?

Any suggestions critiscisms or comments greatfully accepted.

Yours etc

Steve the UKtransplant

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Pampas grass (Cortaderia) is NOT going to be invasive in your area - if you've read all of this thread, you'll know there is a very good chance it may not even overwinter in your zone. And I wouldn't plant them close enough to anywhere people may brush up against it - it is sharp and it can cut.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA(5)

I'm in PA and my Pampas grass has survived for years! I don't do a thing to it other than cut it down in the fall! I have two varieties. The one I have is pictured above that someone posted and the other one has a thicker leaf on it. It's actually very pretty and doesn't cut you like the other one I have. :) And we are always splitting it up...with a breaking bar!!! :)

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joann95118(z9 CA)

My Pampas Grass is growing in a 24" pot. To be fair after it blew over in a storm last winter it got taken out of its pot this spring and it is now resting in several 5 gal. pots while I decide what to do with it. They get big and heavy and once they are blown over it is almost impossible to turn them back upright even with strong willing help. Overall the plant in the pot took up a space about 8 feet wide and if you don't have quite a large area next to your deck, someone will be cut on the leaves. I will put one of my transplants back in a pot as soon as I have room but this time I will bury the pot more than half way so that there won't be more problems when the wind goes wild.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pampas in 24

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We have just purchased 4 dormant 15" pampass grasses which we want to eventually pot on to 18" pots. How fast do they grow and when do you think they will out grow these pots?

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Does pampass grass make good foundation plants and how much pruning to keep the width down ?

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I just purchased 4 pampas grass plants online. They came in about 6 inches tall and the roots packed in soil. I planted them right away, its been a week and they just seem to droop and lay on the ground still but arent brown. Will they grow? Can it be they were shipped dormant? ANY tips?? Thanks

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Planted 6 plants last year in different locations in the yard and so far none are showing any growth this year. Is this normal?

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It's normal for winter to kill plants which are not winter hardy in your zone. Very few Pampas Grass cultivars are hardy to zone 6.

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