To late to trellis cantaloupe?

lasparks63May 24, 2009

This is my first year to have a garden and my cantaloupe is pretty well established. I did a raised bed garden with cinder blocks. Needless to say I've discovered that cantaloupe will take over the entire garden in no time. I'm wondering if it's to late to put a trellis. Don't want to damage the root system. Any advice what I can do at this point?

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You can put a trellis up at any time, just don't try to put the existing vines on the trellis. You should put the trellis just past where the growing tips are now and then encourage them to grow up it in time. Trellised cantaloupes require support since they 'slip' from their stem when ripe. You don't want to go outside to a smashed ripe cantaloupe.

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