Vinca minor question

dmcdorman(5)March 8, 2012

I have a pine tree under which I planted 100 vinca minor plants last year. I want them to fill out the entire area underneath.

However I was curious if I could add some color in the bed as well. I was thinking some shade perennials like foxglove, delphinium, salvia, etc might work in there.

Has anyone had success planting plants with vinca minor? Thanks

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

I have had good success with Epimedium in shady areas where vinca is overwhelming. The bloom time is short, but many colors are available. Epimedium spreads slowly but wins out in competition with vinca. Epimedium, in my opinion, is pricey. Other plants that bloom can be equally aggressive as vinca, but might bloom at differing times. Monarda,Lamium maculatum and the one named yellow archangel, Hosta, Perennial Ageratum and Tradescantia all might do. Foxgloves are often biennial, and, for me, that is a consideration. I grow them, but start new ones, each year.Check out Begonia evansiana,Corydalis and the larger bleeding heart.

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