Thinning After Germination

SoHotRightNowMarch 27, 2013

First post. I am growing Nassella tenuissima and Festuca mairei from seed. Both have germinated and there are 4-5 plants per cell. Do I thin to one plant or just let them all grow?

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Let them all grow, and plant them out as a clump.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

Interesting Donn ... You have always been a 'grow it in clumps' grass seed sower and I have aways separated my grass seedlings into individual little plants & transplanted each into its own 'cell'. Either method works! I think the difference is either a guy vs girl thing or ..... one of us is much more of a 'control freak' (that would be me :o)
Tho ... One thing I have found is, while growing the seedlings under lights, they really benefit from a couple of 'haircuts'. It really makes them bulk up both, above & below ground.

I have one plant of Festuca mairei and I love it!!
Hmmm ..... wish I had sown some Nasella tenuissima this year :o( A.

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I'll isolate seedlings if I'm looking for certain characteristics in a grass. For example, when I sow Blue Fescue, or Miscanthus 'New Hybrids,' which is a blend.

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