advice on shady area with light traffic ..?

FlizMarch 13, 2013

Hey everyone,
I am not an experienced gardener by any means so I'm hoping you can all share your knowledge and provide some suggestions.

I live in central fl and have a small yard that sits under a big live oak, it is mostly shady but it does get about an hour or so of light. I'd like some sort of grass or groundcover that can take light traffic. (no dogs or kids here)

I was considering dwarf mondo grass, but my only concern is that I've read is invasive and like I said I have almost no experience gardening so not sure what it needs or if I should try to stick with native groundcovers.

Any suggestions?

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The nicest ground cover I know of for shady areas is Golden Creeping Jenny Moneywort. It's bright yellow green leaves really pop in the shade. It does have insignificant tiny yellow flowers in spring but is grown mostly for it's bright leaves. It grows low to the ground and doesn't kill easily. Like most groundcovers it is a fast grower but it is shallowly rooted so all you need for control is to pull up and or break off what you don't want or if it creeps where you don't want it. No shovel or tools needed

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