cucurbita ???

west_by_goddess(Zone5-6)May 12, 2009

AAARRGGHH can someone please tell me what kind of cucurbita this is?

uchiki kuri, AKA: red baby hubbard, AKA: golden kuri AKA: orange hokkaido.

the blue kuri is listed OCCASIONALLY as a pepo, but does anyone know for sure?

many thanks,


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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

Baker Creek lists red kuri as C. maxima. Are they the same?

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it certainly looks like the same one.
thanks for pointing this out to me.
i'm gonna treat it like a maxima anyway . . .

many thanks,

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It is absolutely a C. maxima you can tell from the shape of the leaves on the vine and from the shape/texture of the stem.

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many thanks, weirdtrev.

you're absolutely right. the fedco catalog had a great explanation in it.
i see you're from maryland and into pumpkins/gourds . . .
ever seen this guy?

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Wow thank you so much for that link! I am a member of but I have never seen those pictures. I have seen tunnels like that done with gourds on a much smaller scale. But that tunnel is just massive and covered in pumpkins/squash. I have always wanted to make a huge tunnel and cover it with vining fruits, I really wish I had more space :( I think I might try a much smaller arch over my driveway (I won't grow anything edible) just because that is wasted growing space!

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