Are thrips the problem here?

luckyladyslipper(MA 5b-6a)July 19, 2014

I can't see any insects on any of the blotchy flowers, but a google search didn't seem to suggest anything else.

Should I cut off blotchy blooms? Use a chemical?

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shive(6b TN)

With a distorted and splotchy bloom, I would say it is thrips. Thrips are very small, and unless you have a major infestati on, you don't readily see them. I spray the buds with Bayer Insect spray for roses and flowers. They seem to like reds and purples the most, so spray all buds on flowers with that color.


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luckyladyslipper(MA 5b-6a)

Thanks, Debra. I noticed that it's the reds that have this problem - not even orange ones. I'll look for the spray you mention. Again, thanks.

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I wonder though if all splotchiness can be blamed on thrips. I swear that one could spray Born to Run till the cows come home and there still would be splotchiness, Just as an aside, I try to spray as little as possible--usually only those plants that have obvious thrips damage.

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