Bananna Pepper REcipes?

blazepepper(7b)June 25, 2008

I have an abundance of fresh bananna peppers this year and was wondering if anyone knows any good recipes for them? I love them in salad, but I have a lot of peppers, thanks

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A variety of pepper jellies with other flavors make for excellent sauces and glazes. Try mixing with wasabi or mustards, garlic, onion, ginger, raspberries, currants or blackberries or orange marmalade, or other strong flavors for unique combinations to wow your friends. All would be excellent for pork, chicken, or game on the grill.

One of my favorite glazes for Cornish Game Hens is equal parts of orange marmalade, soy and Catalina dressing. Sounds weird but, it works, like peanut butter and beer sauce works on grilled chicken (believe it or not).

I use several jellies from a variety of peppers to make great dips also. My favorite is Jalapeno Jelly with a gourmet Lemon Wasabi for a peel and eat shrimp dip appitizer. Robert Rothchild makes a variety of sauces, dips and glazes with some similar combinations and makes the Lemon Wasabi I use. Check out some of the combinations they make and try your hand at a few or create new ones to bring to us all at the next plant trade.
They can be kept unrefridgerated for months if canned properly and jellies are simple to make.

Send me a jar of Banana Pepper, Garlic and Onion Jellie. I might even try that one with peanut butter on a sandwich!

Here is a link that might be useful: Robert Rothchild Farms

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I often use Bsnana Peppers in place of Bell Peppers. For instance, one way is to split the Banana Peppers open the long way, remove the seeds, and lay them down in a casserole dish. Then I heap the same filling I use for stuffed Bell Peppers onto the banana peppers and bake.

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My favorite recipe is to wash it off and eat it right in the garden!

I have used them in pasta dishes before too. They give off a really nice flavor that way. I would think any pasta dish utilizing a marinara base.

Or I've even used them in pasta salad and salsa instead of bell peppers.

You could can some chow chow relish also. You can find tons of variations for this recipe through a google search.

Have fun!

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