Will these heirloom apple varieties work if GA?

Chris-7b-GA(7b)June 30, 2013

I am already working on my fall apple tree order and I am considering the following varieties but not sure how they will do in our heat and humidity.

Any tried growing any these heirloom varieties that can give me some input?

Calville Blanc
Kings of Pippens
Old Nonpareil
Pomme Gris
Reinen de Pommes
Reinette Zabergau

Thanks, Chris.

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My experience indicates if nobody else is growing it in your area you can expect a lot of work to have a chance of getting a successful crop, and even then it may not taste as good as it would if grown in the area with optimal growing conditions. The only parts of GA i have seen apples grown on a commercial basis is N Ga in the higher elevations. I have had a lot of trouble with fireblight getting my apple trees...

But, with a regular spray program and a clean orchard maybe you will have success! Good luck

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