Need ideas for Ornamental Squash

hydrangea_gal(6aNJ)May 20, 2007

I have a front garden near the road and since my entire yard is shade except for this strip in the front, I want to put ornamental yet edible squash plants in there and use the leaves as a pretty greenery. I know how out of control squash can become, I grew it every year before we moved here, and while I find it attractive, it can become big and out of control quickly. Any idea or pictures of edible ornamental squash where the leaves are actually pretty? Any hints would be HUGELY apreciated.



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Well, many of the c. mixta species (like Cushaws) have rather pretty leaves, with silver patterns on them. Take a look at Sandhill Preservation Center's squash listing, which I will put below). Most any c. mixta will have this kind of leaf. Some moschatas will also. You could even call Sandhill Preservation or e-mail with your question. I'd recommend calling. Most squash with this kind of leaf will have rampant vines. You'll probably speak with Linda Drowns. She may have to consult with her husband, Glenn. But he'll know, for sure, what would do well for you.

Sandhill Preservation Center - (563) 246-2299

Tahleqauah, OK

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