groundcover for steep hill in full shade?

zenpotter(z4 MN)April 21, 2005

We have North facing hill that is at a 50º. I need a short ground cover that will dig in and hold on for dear life. It is 80' long and starts at 5' tall and runs to 9'. At the 9' end there is some filtered light as it is shaded by an oak tree rather than our house. The measurements are all an educated guess, but fairly close.

I have gotten some very good ideas on the Minnesota forum, but thought I would see what I got here. Short is better unless they can defy gravity.


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Rosie_Zone5(z5, S.Ont.)

Pachysandra!!! So beautiful...

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

I wasn't familar with Pachysandra until I looked it up and realized I had seen it and liked it, just didn't know the name. It is very nice looking. Since it would be on a steep hill would it stand up or end up laying down?

Life is too funny, when I got your reply and went to the web site the question just above mine was how to get rid of Pachysandra and lily of the valley. Maybe she could send the Pashysandra my way.


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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Vinca minor for a low groundcover, major for a tall groundcover.

Wintergreen for a slow growing but very choice groundcover, maybe not too good as erosion control.

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:) Pachy will stand up even on a fairly steep slope, and does a good job at erosion control, but it will take 3-5 years to really dig in- and the first year, a good rainstorm can wash away half the plugs.

thankfully, they root readily from cuttings- when we ran out of money after the deluge washed two flats of them out, I 'groomed' beds for several neighbors, and brought home all the cuttings ;)

but the single most aggressive shady groundcover is goutweed (ok, everyone else can groan, now) which, even under a full canopy can go from one plant that fits in the palm of your hand to three or four square feet of groundcover in one season.

I think it's really pretty, myself, with the variegated foliage, but it's generally regarded as an invasive monster that must be rousted out.

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