source for wooly thyme

hoover67(7a)April 26, 2005

I need lots of these. I am putting them in a path leading to the garden. I have bricks there now but the roots keep pushing them up. I thought I would lay squares of bricks here and there to actually step on and have the wooly thyme between them.

Is this the best choice - can handle them most foot traffic?

I would love to find plugs. Paying $3.99 for each at the local garden center is too expensive. Thanks so much!

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but I don't know how big their plants are...

you might want to consider growing from seed, if you really need a LOT of them...

around here, I've had better luck getting herbs from farm markets, where they're a buck a piece, instead of three. you might wind up with lemon thyme instead of wooly, but thyme's thyme, especially when you're short on it, eh?

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I wish that I could help you---There must be sources that sell groundcover plugs to the public----Hopefully someone here will know about some. Wooly thyme is so beautiful....We have a house on Nantucket where it grows between the stepping stones so easily....Here in Connecticut where I live, I have never been able to get it to last more than a couple of weeks.
On Nantucket, I found a local nursery who sold it, and I bought 10 quart containers. Using a very sharp knief, I cut these into one inch squares which I put between the stones. In two years it has grown to a most beautiful patch which to me looks like a river...But, again, in Connecticut I could not even get a patch live let along multiply...soil really is everything...good luck to you, Molly

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jgandy(Chicago, IL)

I bought mine from Bluestone Perennials. Good quality, they came in yesterday.

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shellyp(z6 ky)

was you happy with bluestone, I was thinking of ordering from them. how was the shipping charges and quality of plants? you should try graceful gardens. They were great

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