Maiden Grass Growth

lamconMarch 27, 2007

Hi there. I planted 16 maiden grass cuttings (I guess that's what they were) today. I'm wondering from those of you who have had experience with that ornamental, what I can expect from it as far as growth the first year and the time it will take to start to show signs of life. Also any tips as this is our first perennial ornamental grass and we'd like to make it thrive. Thanks!

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I'm not sure what you mean by "cuttings." If you planted plugs or divisions of Miscanthus, they should do fine. A few cultivars are only hardy to zone 5, but most are good to 4.

Growth rate varies from one cultivar to the next. Some are very slow, and may only reach a foot tall in their first year. Others are much faster, and will exceed 2 feet. All of them take up to 3-4 years to reach mature height.

Cultivation is fairly simple. Full sun, moist well-draining soil, and no fertilizer or rich soil. Cut them back to a few inches from the crown, this time every year.

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"Divisions" are probably what we're talking about. It looks like we'll be patient with these. Is there reason I shouldn't give it a high nitrogen fertilizer to promote top growth? Is this more to let the roots do their thing? Thanks!

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If you give it any ferts, especially high N, it's foliage will flop over and look awful. These grasses like lean soil.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

I would be very interested to hear how your grass divisions do....
To me it seems a little early to be planting warm season grasses in zone 5. But, who knows ... we are constantly re-writing the book.
Please check in and tell us if & when you start seeing new growth!

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dereks(6 Utah)

Achnatherum: Back in february when the soil was just barely thawing out I dug up my miscanthus 'gracillimus', broke it apart and put a piece back into the ground. It has about an inch of new growth on it now. In my experience, it doesn't hurt to move them when it's still cold and they are still dormant.

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Thanks for the feed back. I'll just be patient and see what it does. Any idea on how long before I can expect to see some grass peeking out?

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lamcon, I wouldn't expect to see any growth for at least another month. I have no growth from well established Miscanthus, and I'm two zones warmer.

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A landscaper just planted some Maiden Grass in a rather moist area of my garden. Within a week, it seems to be turning a bit brown on the ends of the grass. It is late in the season, I realize, but could it be too moist? And if so, what's the best way to help it be healthy in that area? Thanks for any help!

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Where are you, Janet? My first guess, from your surname, would be western Michigan.

If you're in zone 5 or colder, your grass may be going into dormancy. It's a bit late to be planting a warm season grass like Miscanthus in colder zones.

The most common sign of too much moisture for Miscanthus is excessive floppiness, and not browning foliage. It may be something simple, like transplant shock, or it may be starting into dormancy. Either way, there isn't much you can do for it now.

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