Best prices on landscape timbers and/or stone

logansmumJune 15, 2008

Hi all,

Have been lurking for a while and enjoying reading the plant discussions, but this is my first post. We are doing some hardscaping in hopes that I will soon be a Georgia Gardner (and will have lots of questions then).

Does anyone know of good source for landscape timbers (most urgent need) and eventually stone rather than Home Depot or Lowes? Hoping for better prices. Do you have to be a pro to buy supplies from somewhere like Buck Jones? Do you think their prices are good?

We are in Dunwoody area, and would probably need it delivered (doubt I can haul much home in a minivan).

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I've purchase RR tyes for $8 at Lowes.

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There are several stone yards along I-20 around Conyers/Covington where I am. I got mine at the Fieldstone Center, which will deliver, but there are probably many other all around Atlanta. They let me pick over the rocks and select exactly what I wanted, which I did only for the flagstone. They were patient and helpful. They delivered it ($65) and placed the pallets right where I wanted it. I picked a few more flagstones in my car. (They weigh the car before and after to determine how much you're buying.)

Have you checked your yellow pages? You can also google things like- landscape stone GA -and get a few websites from which you can get an idea of prices. There's a wide variation depending on the kind of stone.

A standard 3-4' pallet holds 3000 lbs. of stone. That's too much for a passenger vehicle.

I can't say much about timbers. I expect Home Depot/Lowes has some of the least expensive pressure treated lumber. If you need a lot, you might go to a lumber yard and try to get it wholesale. I think the last contractor I dealt with got his supplies from HD, which tells me their prices must be low.


Here is a link that might be useful: My garden wall and border

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Thanks for the replies. FYI to anyone else looking, I check a few lumber yards and HD seemed to have best price once I factored in delivery. I only needed 16 pieces.

If anyone has other recommendations on stone yards, please let me know. That is sometime in the near future. Mike--your wall looks great.


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Hi, i'm about to start looking for some timbers to build a vegetable garden and have heard that pressure treated timbers aren't recommended because over time the chemicals will leak out into the soil...but all i can find are pressure treated timbers. I've also heard that RR ties don't last as long as timbers but maybe that's because they aren't pressure treated. I'm not sure what the best wya to go is. any suggestions? I'd rather stay away from the chemicals but also don't want my garden wall to fall apart after a few years....thanks!

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

Stack stone is what we did. You could use fiberglass, maybe? Tin roofing?

I think it's a toss-up, faye. if you're worried about chemicals, get untreated lumber and use a good sealer on it. Several coats (5+) of boat/marine wood sealer should suffice to keep you watertight for many years, but you need to ensure you get every nook and cranny. It works for years on boats, no reason it won't in the ground.

You can also make your own sealer out of wax and acetone, I think? (assuming you're afraid of brand-name sealers due to chemicals). May want to check the woodworking forum regarding that one.

Check the link below for pictures of what our stackstone garden beds look like ($400+ worth of stone is the downside)

Here is a link that might be useful: Our stackstone garden

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

Oh - and for stone/mulch/soil mixes, I just had a good experience with Atlanta Landscape Materials up on Buford Hwy (Doraville, less than a mile outside the perimeter).

Delivery on the mulch and dirt was $65/load (stone was $105 due to forklift, but they put it where you want it!), and most soil/mulch/sand related items were around $10/scoop, which is around $20-25/cubic yard. They delivered ~18 hours after we ordered. Thanks to GW member vroomp for the reference!

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aqrose(7b NE GA)

Does anyone have any experience with The Stone Store in Watkinsville for price and variety for stone, etc? Or know if they offer dirt, soil mixes, etc?
Thank you.

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

Heck, while we're on the stone topic, does anyone know anywhere near Atlanta that has rough-cut Granite pieces that are roughly 10"x10"x4"? I have been wanting to "refurbish" our granite curb that was installed throughout our neighborhood waaaaay back in the 1950's (reportedly), but everywhere I'm going, places want $4-$5/stone, and I'm doing ~60' of frontage, which = a lot of dang money!!

I'd prefer to pick through leftovers and pay $1-$2 per stone. Heck, I'd kill to find a place that would do $1/stone!

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