Rainy day for lates and reds

shive(6b TN)July 18, 2014

We got some much needed rain in the early morning hours. It's been so dry that many of my plants are going dormant right after blooming, so I was glad to get a shower. These photos are from the past two days.

BEST FOR LAST is a beautiful clump this year.

Here's a closeup on some of the BEST FOR LAST flowers.

TECHNY PEACE has an old fashioned look, but I can't part with it because of its heavenly fragrance. With my sinus problems, I can rarely smell "fragrant" daylilies. Techny Peace is very fragrant late in the afternoon. Of course, it's a great polychrome too!

WIZARD'S WISH bedazzled with raindrops - This is always one of my latest bloomers, even though registered ML.

CHEROKEE STAR continues to have a nice clump. I grew this for several years in a large pot. It is performing so much better this year in the ground.

SENECA SPIRIT is a welcome late bloomer.

FINAL TOUCH started blooming yesterday.

AUGUST CHERRY is a late that has increased a lot in just a few years. The fans that get late day sun are nicely budded.

SLIPPED MY DISCO had a lovely pattern on this cool morning. It's usually too hot here for the pattern to show.

BARBARA MANDRELL with raindrops.

Seedling True to Whim X Persian Pattern


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Yay, rain!
Such beauties today! My favorite is a clump shot and multiples of Best for Last! It looks great with all the flowers open perfectly.
Love Techny Peace too. I don't really smell any fragrance in dls.. Orientals and orienpets I can smell alright :)
Love bicolors too, Wizard's Wish is a pretty late! Well, they are all lovely!

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Best For Last looks soooooo pretty in that clump shot. I always enjoy seeing daylily pics that show the raindrops on the petals......Barbara Mandrell looks like she's enjoying the shower.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Boy, those Clump shots are gorgeous., I have never been able to smell no fragrance at all on a daylily. no problem smelling oriental lilies, and roses.CHEROKEE STAR is a beauty. guess it aloved the rain, too. it started raining here about 5 yesterday evening and continued most of the night.Some times, pretty heavy.SENECA SPIRIT is a very pretty one, too, as well as AUGUST CHERRY and BARBARA MANDRELL. AND I really like SLIPPED MY DISCO, too. What a name for a plant. but,its pretty.

I still have the same ones blooming now, Beautiful Edging with 3 blooms every day, and Marietta Surprise with 3 every day as well, and Last Reward with one each day, and Shelby's Summer Blush has one bloom each day, but,i think today was the last one.


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Wow, Best for Last looks terrific. I need more lates (and more earlies), because everything seems to bloom at once here. I'll have to look into that one. Barbara Mandrell is looking impressive again.

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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Beautiful pics and flowers! Cherokee Star looks especially lovely.

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Dazzling clump of Best for Last, and I notice that it is a large flower--6". So many of Rice's cultivars seem to have smaller flowers.

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Julia NY(6)

Nice group again. Best For Last has nice placement of the blooms. Top heavy in buds?


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shive(6b TN)

Julia - I wouldn't say Best for Last is top heavy on buds. In the past it has had more lateral branching, but now it gets more shade from the neighbor's trees. The taller scapes with the lateral branching are the ones that get a bit more sun.

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Maryl zone 7a

Very nice clump shots. Best For Last and Cherokee Star are my top two, but I do like the color on Techy Peace and could see it in my garden. I forget that some people find daylilies fragrant. I have seldom even bothered to sniff them Must think to do that.. ........We got rain too and record breaking cool temperatures. 67 for a high the other day. Back to the 90's next week they say........Maryl

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shive(6b TN)

Maryl - I don't find many daylilies fragrant at all, but the sweet smell of Techny Peace always stops me in my tracks. You can smell it from a couple feet away. Then I am compelled to put my nose right next to the blooms and breathe in that delightful aroma for several minutes. I wish all daylilies could smell like this! We are loving the cooler temps in the 60s and 70s. My husband says it's like taking a vacation to Michigan or Canada. It's too bad the 90s will be back by Monday.


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Maryl zone 7a

You know I've got to ask - how bleached out is Techny Peace by the end of day? I lost Frequent Comment over this last winter. I loved its polychrome effect and miss it. However I didn't replace it because the subtle coloration was lost by mid day. In my small garden a daylily must stand out 9-5 so to speak, not just in the AM...........Maryl

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shive(6b TN)

Techny Peace is NOT bleached at all by the end of day. The peachy pink color is more pronounced and blended with the lemon yellow. It's prettier at 7 p.m. than it is at 7 a.m. You can't say that about many daylilies.


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Maryl zone 7a

Really! Hummmm....On my list now. Thanks for all the information..........Maryl

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That is a beautiful clump of Best for Last, and I really like Barbara Mandrell.

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