wilting leaves on goard plants

jlggomezMay 9, 2009

So don't laugh. I live in NYC - in Brooklyn and I am trying to grow gourds and pumpkins in pots on my front stoop. Last year, I planted gourds from seed and they did exceptionally well. The vines decorated my stoop and we got several gourds. About August or so however, the leaves quickly turned yellow and in less than 2 weeks every plant died.

This year, we're trying again and adding pumpkins to the mix. It's early May and the plants are starting out nicely. However i'm already starting to see some yellow spots on the leaves. It's been raining almost daily for the past 10 days, only one day of sunshine in this period, so I'm wondering if the humidity has anything to do with the spotting.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My 6 year old gets so excited about every stage of growth that I hate to lose the plants so quickly.

thanks much

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How big are your plants? I think you planted them too early for your area, cold nights could cause some problems. But they'll live so long as it is above freezing. How big are your pots, do they have drainage holes, and what sort of potting medium did you use? My initial thought for why your plants died last year is because they weren't getting enough water. A mature plant, in a pot, in the heat of August requires a LOT of water. I know when I grow gourds in pots (half whiskey barrel size) I still have to water multiple times a day in August.

Also since you have limited space and an excited child I would recommend trying Summer Ball. It looks like a really neat pumpkin, I am going to be trying some this year.

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