Rubus - Creeping Raspberry

jcwise(z6b TN)April 8, 2005

Does anyone have experience with Rubus - Creeping Raspberry? (positive or negative)

I am looking for a ground cover for a steep hill on the northside of my house, and this has been suggested. Can it be successfully contained?


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Neat looking plant~
It is not aggressive either.

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Creeping rubus is one of my favorite groundcovers for a smei-shade location. Evergreen, layers densely so is an effective weed supressing GC, and easily managed. I have never found it to be overly aggressive. Plus it turns an attractive bronze color in winter.

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Jasper_Storm(z8 SnoCo,WA)

Which rubus, i.e. Rubus _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

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I planted Rubus calycnoides - Creeping Raspberry, I didn't find this one aggressive at all, in fact would have perferred it to be a little more than what it is. Hoping the 2nd year will be a little better.

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Kathy Bochonko

It was just awarded Georgia Gold Medal for groundcover, and written up in the paper here, I have been hearing lots of possitives, although I confess the pots I saw were not impressive looking. I may still try some as I need something to hold the base of a nasty slope that keeps washing away.

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A little late to reply but hopefully you're still keeping track. I planted some last spring to fill in a small area that I wanted to break up and couldn't think of anything to do with. I also put in gaura siskiyou pink and the combo is great. The raspberry spreads readily and roots onto the ground but is so easily managed. It grows up to the edge of the landscape and stops where the edge is with regular lawn upkeep (mowing and weedeating, edging). The rest of it is growing along the ground in the perennial bed and not choking anything out. Looks great with everything.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

I have it in full sun around some Mugho pines. It has spread well but doesn't totally block out weed grasses from invading. I'm thinking I could cover it in winter to shade out the grass and it would be fine in spring but haven't tried it yet.

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I am just learning about this plant and have read that is produces an edible raspberry and other readings say it doesn't. Can anyone tell me based on their experience with this plant, is it a plant that can produce edible berries.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Yes, it is edible, but not as flavorful as a regular raspberry. Mine doesn't fruit much but I recently saw one planted in a parking lot strip that was just covered with berries. I don't know if the difference is varieties or just more water and fertilizer in the parking lot one, since I don't water mine- it is very tough.

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