Should I replant?

tcstoehrMay 7, 2010

About 5 weeks ago I started some Sibley, Sweet Meat, Butternut and Delicata squashes in 4" pots in my small heated green house. It wasn't long before they were ready to transplant and so I did while the weather was warm. Well, since that time the weather has been persistently cool and showery and the plants are not happy at all. They are growing but very slowly and look a bit pitiful. Very much like you would expect them to look like when the daytime highs do not exceed 53 degrees. Should I start them over? Or will they grow to normal size with the upcoming warm season? I know they are stunted, but will that have any permanent effect? If time wasn't an issue I would restart them, but the growing season is barely enough to ripen these guys.

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Sorry I didn't get to this before now! I suspect you already have your answer.

I would have said to leave them. Both c. maxima and c. pepo, which include all the squash mentioned above, have the ability to bounce back when conditions become favorable. Hopefully, by now, conditions there are better and they are growing!

Tahlequah, OK

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Thanks, macmex. The Sibleys and Delicatas looked pretty sad so I restarted them. I left the Sweet Meat and Sucrine du Berry and they seem to be hanging on marginally. The summer squashes, patty pan and a zuke, look pretty darn good all things considered.
You would think weather would have improved by now, but it hasn't. Possibly soon though.

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