Mystery Gourds ?????

wert9wert(z10FL)May 12, 2005

Well, now I'm completely confused.

I ordered 50 canteen seeds from a lady on EBay and 10 chinese bottle seeds from a gourd seed dealer.

Three weeks ago 10 seeds came in the mail and I planted them, got three sprouts, built a trellis, and am watching them grow.

Last week, the 24 chinese bottle seeds arrived from the gourd seed dealer, which I put in the refrigerator.

There was no markings on the original 10 seeds I received three weeks ago (guess I assumed they were the bottle seeds) and I don't think I paid any attention who sent them.

I keep getting emails through EBay from the lady with the canteen seeds asking me to pay. I just emailed her and told her the check was sent on April 15.

So now I don't know what I planted ... but they're growing!

What a mystery!!!!!


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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

Hi Loretta,
First thing I'd do is check with the bank to see if the check has been processed. If it is there, get a copy of the front AND back, then send her the copy to prove she has been paid.
As for the seeds, its always a bit of a guessing game as to what they will turn out like, so plant them and you'll find out in a few months.


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Also, eBay sellers don't send your item(s) until you pay. If she thinks you still haven't paid, it's probably not her seeds you planted. Maybe someone gifted you with the first pack of seeds.

However, the first baby gourd should tell you if they're canteens. Even when they're tiny they look like little wheels of cheese, and baby bottles look just like big bottles.


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wheels of cheese????? baby bottles?????? What a clever way of describing! Now I REALLY can't wait to see what I planted :)


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