Cutting Carex question

wherewerewe(z7 NC Triad)April 3, 2006

Just picked up a few clumps of Bronco Carex...they are kinda limped over to one side, and wondered if they would benefit from being trimmed back like most grasses...fountain, maiden, etc.

Thx =)

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They might. You can trim them back, although not as far as things like Miscanthus and Pennisetum. They don't like to be closely shorn, just to 4-5" will probably be enough. They'll grow back a bit thicker, but will still be a cascading grass. In a wind-free environment, the ideal form is to cascade uniformly, all the way around. In wind, they will obviously blow one way or another.

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wherewerewe(z7 NC Triad)

Thanks for the tip donn....for some reason, the responses aren't being forarded to my email account even though I checked on the option. I'm going to have to look into that.

Perhaps I'll leave it alone since it'll revert to its natural still looks nice as is.

I'm looking forward to incorporating it into my's such a cool color. I have a bunch of 'Curly Top' Leatherleaf carex, similar to the Bronco, yet they seem more dwarf and upright. I plan to use the Broncos in front of a neat sign my sister-in-law gave me as a Christmas gift as a nice accent to a flower garden entrance. I'lll try to post a pic once I catch up to the real world of internet technology.

take care & thx again

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