Chitted cucumber seeds?

plantslayer(8)May 28, 2011

Hello everyone,

I, like a lot of people, find it difficult to get cucumber seeds to sprout. Therefore, I want try out the time-honored practice of chitting (aka pre-sprouting, pre-germinating, greensprouting, etc.) my cucumber seeds and planting them in the ground once the seeds have just germinated.

Getting the seeds to germinate is easy enough (just wrap them in a moist towel and keep this in a bag), but I was wondering about how the planting part works. Do I plant them at the same depth etc. as I would the ungerminated seed? Does it matter what directly the seed is oriented when it goes in? Will the seedling handle slightly cooler temperatures than those in which it germinated?

THanks for the help!

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Try this next year.Some old timers say try and plant them on May 1 and you will have a good crop.I ways do it and have some many

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