To Tall Autumn Joy Sedum

plantzman(z7 MD)April 22, 2005

I have very healthy Autumn JOy and it is now entering its third season. The problem is that last year it is grew so tall that it fell over from weight of the blossoms. A local lanscaper suggested that once they getup to about 12-14 " I should cut them back down a bit. She said they would continue to grow but not as tall.Has any one tried that or experienced heavy Sedum blossoms making the plant fall over.

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I just got back from chatting with a friend about this same plant and she suggested I cut mine back. This is the second year we have it and I'm a little hesitant to go chopping it down. Would love to hear what others have to say.

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creatrix(z7 VA)

Yes it will work. Same for chrysanthemums that get floppy- just don't trim it after July 4th or so, let it make blooms!

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Is it okay to cut back the chrysanthemums now? I hadn't thought of that. I'm always afraid to cut my plants for fear of killing them. No wonder mine are all tall and willowy.

I did cut back my Sedum. Thanks.

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sarge724(z7 VA)

Here in Stafford, VA, if I want my chrysanthemums to be mounded instead of sprawling, up until mid-August we cut them back to about 6" high every time they get about 9-12" high. Otherwise they get too leggy. After mid-August let them go. Of course this could vary with different varieties of mums and also the micro-climate you have them in. Mine only get sun from noon forward. I use a manual hedge clipper but my next door neighbor uses a weed whacker (string trimmer).

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:) round here they die back to the crown every winter, so they're always putting out 'new' growth, so I've never had to worry about them flopping...

however, I break off half a dozen of the 'stems' from around the base of the plant every spring, and root them. that's why I, my mom, and my MiL all have nice clumps ;)

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kimpa(z6b PA)

I just cut back one of my sedums that will flop. Did it last year and it worked! Also, I read that they flop because the soil is too rich. So it may be a good idea not to fertilize them.

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My Autumn Joy were devoured by the deer. Never had a problem with sedum in previous home...and I thought this was one plant they rarely ate.

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