Halo Hydrangeas At Atlanta Metro Nurseries?

butterflylion(7bGA)June 7, 2008

Has anyone seen any of the Halo Series of Hydrangeas for sale in the Atlanta metro area? Some have Angel in their name.

Here is a link that might be useful: Halo Hydrangeas

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I bought an "Angel Eyes" at HD on Lawrenceville Hwy (inside perimeter) about 2-3 weeks ago. It was 1-gal size, i think.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Those remind me of buttons and bows ...which died in my garden. And not, I believe, my fault. A beautiful plant though.

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B&B, a/k/a Harlequin, a/k/a Monrey, performs well in a controlled environment, i.e., greenhouse, but couldn't survive when placed in Mother Nature's care. The extremes were just too much for such a fragile child!
I lost 6 of them, over a two year period.
Like you, I am afraid the Halo series would be just as tempermental and since I presently have more than 150 other Hydrangeas that present few problems, I will not spend an extra minute coddling one that is too weak to survive on it's own. MHO

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georgia-rose, I'm disappointed to hear that about those varieties. What are some others that you would recommend? I'm looking for something that has blooms with a lot of color. What are your favorites?

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Please don't pass up a plant you like and want to try, based upon my opinions. I haven't tried any of the Halo series of Hydrangeas and probably won't in the near future.

I have several Hydrangeas that I really admire, but that is also a matter of personal preference.
Hyd. mac. 'Miss Belgium'(Red mophead)I grow it in a pot, so that the soil pH can be easily regulated.
Hyd. mac. 'Endless Summer'(mine is blue, always covered in blooms and recovers nicely from a late spring freeze).
Hyd. mac. 'Hanabi'(a/k/a 'Sumida-no-hanabi', a/k/a 'Fireworks'). Often mislabeled and sold as 'Fuji Waterfall'(NOT).
Hyd. mac. (no name)Pink Lacecap from Middleton Plantation, SC (2 clones, one has a darker color eye in each sterile floret).
Hyd. quercifolia. 'Harmony'
Hyd. serrata 'Woodlanders' (a cultivar grown from seed collected by the Chollipo Botanical Gardens/Arboretum, Korea and introduced by Woodlanders, Aiken, SC).
Hyd. serrata 'Little Geisha' (dwarf mophead serrata, blooms emerge pink, later turn white).
Hyd. serrata 'Fuji Waterfall'

Some that I have experienced multiple failures with, in addition to 'B&B'/'Harlequin'/'Monrey', was 'Sister Theresa', 'Claudie', 'Hornli', 'Sun Goddess', 'Shirotae',
'Taube', Tovelit', 'Lemon Wave' and other little known Japanese cultivars. I am about ready to toss my 'Lemon Zest', as they are not performing well and after 4 years, no blooms.
If I like the flowers or foliage on a Hydrangea, I often will try several, before admitting defeat, if they fail.
Good gardening!

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Georgia-Rose, thanks for the warning that this might be a fragile one. And thank you for the great list. I have started a hydrangea area outside our bedroom window, so these recommendations are great.

Gosh, you have over 150 varieties -- I have about 5 and thought i was doing well ;) I'd love to see photos when yours are flowering, they sound spectacular.

Have you tried any of the Cityline series? I got the dwarf one (Vienna, i think), and it is wilting terribly in the heat (I only planted it a couple of weeks ago). Do you think these are also fragile?

Butterflylion, the Ace Hardware on Scott Blvd has quite a few different hydrangeas. I got H. serrata "Veitchii" and "Tokyo delight", and an Annabelle there. I havent had them long though, so I don't know how well they will do overall.

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Do what I did with my shooting star hydrangea (http://www.weekendgardener.net/landscape-plants/hydrangea-macrophylla-shootingstar.htm):

Plant it in a pot and move it to the garage or basement in the winter time. I've done this with the shoot star for 3 years now. It's too fragile to be planted outdoors. I bought it at Kroger.

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