tall evergreen miscanthus for cold zone 10?

banyan(NZ z10)April 21, 2005

I've only recently come across miscanthus species, which seem to be very rare here in New Zealand. I want a tall species for a windbreak in my mild warm temperate zone 10 climate. Cold compared to a continental zone 10, I have temperatures similar to the SF Bay area, with twice the rainfall.

I believe M. floridulus is evergreen in a mild climate? I have been using bana grass (Pennisetum purpureumX? hybrid)as a windbreak, but our colder winters slow its growth down to the extent that it looks ugly and looses height during winter cold and wind. Will M. floridulus or other miscanthus species maintain the windbreak/screen effect I want during our winter months (mid winter mean min. 40F, mean max. 60F, occaisonal light ground frost down to about 32F air temps)?

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The only evergreen species of Miscanthus I am familiar with is transmorrisonensis, but it only grows to about 3 feet. I have never heard of M. floridulus holding its foliage intact through winter. An alternative might be Cortaderia species (true Pampas grass) but there may be a concern in your climate regarding invasiveness, however that could also apply to many species of Miscanthus as well.

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The only one that sounds like it would fit the bill is Merxmuellera macowanii, but there's not much information about where to get it.


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