zebra grass propagation right technique or not

vicarious1April 27, 2009

I bought Zebra grass last year in the nursery. When I saw the lovely seeds on top of the grass later on. I decided to collect it all before it will grow everywhere in the garden in Vancouver. Now I have made small pots and sprinkled some on top than covered with 1'2 inch of soil and watered. Will this work to make clumps of Zebra grass or is it a the wrong way. I also buried some along my walk way into the house hoping it will mix with day lilies. Any advise anyone?

I also have a very light green grass ( don't know the name) that has small flowers now

When and how do I know it will turn to seed ? And can I collect it all and do the same thing STILL THIS SPRING to make it grow in other areas for me to see it this summer?

Thank you so much,

Pictures at UBC forum


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While you may get a little germination from the Zebra Grass seed, the odds are very high you will get species Miscanthus sinensis, without any variegation. The only sure way to propagate it is by division.

I can't help with your other grass. Perhaps you can post a photo, so we can identify it.

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