cassieinmass(6)May 11, 2009

I put last years pumpkin into my compost pile, and needless to say now I have about 6 seedlings and my boyfriend are kind of excited by this and are going to let them keep growing there. The only problem is my compost pile is in the middle of two HUGE maple trees and completely shaded. (We are new to composting and know now that we put the pile in a bad spot, and were going to move it up until we saw the pumpkins)

My question is, will the pumpkin grow long enough to get some sun? Will it grow any pumpkins in the shade? I think either way im going to let it just do its thing. It looks lovely out there! -Cass

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

You never know what to expect from the mystery cucurbits that pop up out of the compost. Some years I get cool squash/melons from them. Some years its just green leaves.

The vine may run its way into the sun and set fruit if its not too far.

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Last year I had a gourd sprout near a compost pile in my backyard which is very shaded by 5 big trees. The vine grew to about 12 feet and had a single gourd. So you may get something. I wouldn't let all 6 grow because then they will be competing for nutrients even in a compost pile. I would only leave 2 or 3 if I were you. You can try moving the others if they are still small.

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with no sun it is doubtfull that the voluntiers can produce any fruit. However, if the vine goes further to get sunshine, it may. The leaves need sun for photo synthesis. The root can be in the shade.

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