white vains in yellow squash

plantnut65May 11, 2014

All of my yellow squash is turning white along the leaves veins, growth look fine but I never remember them turning white from the stem out the veins so the top of the leaf is white?
I read on one site that said it was a bug, and no cure for it, once infected, but it said in was on the underside of the leaf. If it contagious to other vegetables, do I need to pull the plants

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I have Contender Zucchini in full sun that look like that and they appear very healthy. Pulled a few up because they were producing more than we wanted, but of course that doesn't mean they aren't diseased!

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I think the leaves are supposed to look like that depending on the cultivar. Two of the squash types that I'm growing this year (Shishigatani and Japanese Pie Squash ) have white/silver on their leaves like that. A no name C. Moschata squash that I grew the last couple of years had white/silver on the leaves also.. The Cabocha squash grown last year didn't have that characteristic.

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Agreed tha the the silver veining is a characteristic of certain varieties of squash. Lots of zucchini and winter squash varieties exhibit this characteristic, Rarely in a straighneck or crookneck tho. Are you by chance growing a yellow zucchini?

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When you said, was there a chance I was growing yellow zucchini, I decided to get my empty containers out so I could tell you the exact yellow squash I had planted, op's, You are right, and I guess we will be having yellow zucchini, a first for my gardens of 8 years.

The exact kind is Calabacin Burpee's Golden Zucchini. I guess I'll learn to read next time and not just go by the pictures, even that was messed up, because looking again, it's clearly a zucchini in the picture.

Thanks so much, I don't think I've ever ate yellow zucchini before. farmerdill I'm glad you took the time to answer!

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Thank goodness for this site and "plantnut65". We have the same white streaking on some of our squash (but not all) and thought it was powdery mildew. Been spraying with baking soda and water. I'll now spend that time for the aphids on the tomatoes.

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