sue_in_nova_scotiaApril 3, 2006

I accidently posted on the gallery (heheehe)...I was thinking about growing some miscanthus..maybe zebrus...near the back door and I was wondering first of it sharp, will people cut themselves on it walking by? Also how large a clump will miscanthus make and is it invasive?

Thanks, Susan.

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In your zone, Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus' will probably reach 5' tall (the foliage) by 5' wide. It isn't invasive, but will require staking as it ages, as it is quite lax. The only way someone could cut themselves, is if they tried, by grabbing a mature leaf and sliding their hand along it.

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Thank you Donn for your answer...I will definately get some OG this summer...Not positive on location yet but I will fit it in somewhere :)

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There are two other yellow-banded grasses that are similar to M.s.'Zebrinus:' 'Strictus,' which grows more upright, a bit taller and less lax; and 'Hinjo,' more compact than 'Zebrinus,' less lax and more strongly banded than either 'Strictus' or 'Zebrinus.' 'Hinjo' is hard to find, but any of these will make a handsome specimen. Notes: all require full sun; are late to show their yellow bands (usually early June for me in 5a); and will take at least three summers to reach their mature sizes.

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