SVB have arrived

yolos - z 7b/8a Ga.June 8, 2014

Saw my first SVB today. I examined my pumpkin plant and yep, it has already been hit. I am in Brooks, GA just below Atlanta.

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rosiew(8 GA)

Had to look it up. yolos means squash vine borer.

Rats for you, yolos. I am hoping my friends don't get hit. I have given up.

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Well, poop, hate to hear that. Cantelopes are growing so well. Those boys are bad news for almost any vine you have except kudzu and wisteria.

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rosiew(8 GA)

celeste, you gave me a big guffaw with your comment. Ditto from me. I labored so hard over zucchini a couple of years ago, destroying eggs laid on the leaves every day, etc. Then the borers came. Did have great success last year with two volunteer watermelons which came up where I'd spit the seeds, apparently. No sign of any vols this year though.

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Even worse, The pickle worm has arrived here way ahead of schedule. Usually don't have to fight them until July and they are murder on canteloupes and cucumbers as well as squash.

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Ooohhh nooo. Had my first encounter with pickle bugs last year and it was not a good first date. What gets those things before they get involved with the vines? Surely there is some way to get them before they get us.

There was a message last year that someone had success by waiting until at least mid August to plant squash, cantelope, etc. viney types and had some success. Would that be because by then, the bugs that are usually pro-creating are past it?

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True these things migrate up from warm states (Florida or Texas) they die off as cold weather approaches so I have had decent luck with squash in the fall planted in middle to late August. Canteloupes take too long so have no success with fall planting. In past years spring plantings have done well, because the main harvest of squash and cucumbers is over before they arrive in July. This year they are in middle June right in the middle of harvest. Note that they only attack immature fruits, once the rind hardens (canteloupes and winter squash) they don't bother them .

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