Ground Cover Question?

EFadenApril 8, 2012

Hey All,

I have an area of my yard in the back that is fairly damp and has a lot of roots which make it a pain to mow and get grass going. I am thinking about just planting some sort of ground cover that will be easy to seed and maintain (ideally broadcast seeding), grow well in a partial to full shade damp area, and just generally look better than the half grass/half mud area that it is now.

I was thinking about English Ivy or Vinca. Any thoughts? The area is about 15' by 40' Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Many types of grouncovers are difficult to obtain by seed - you may be limited to started plants, especially with your preferred choices. And I would never recommend planting English ivy intentionally - it is far too problematic in too many areas.

An alternative approach would be to bring in some additional soil to improve drainage and plant with shade tolerant shrubs and perennials. Or consider a moss garden, maybe with a hefty rock or two and a small Japanese maple.

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