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gshann(Z6 PA ChesCo.)May 18, 2008

I received a food dehydrator for Christmas this past year. I wanted one for drying hot peppers and herbs. How would something like this work for a small gourds, such as a Spinner? I would love to be able to make christmas ornaments out of them, and it will give my 7 and 4 year old something to do when the weather starts to go south. I saw a previous post about speeding up drying time for larger gourds using an oven, but that was advised against. I have a variable temperature dehydrator with a good airflow, which I have read will help discourage mold. I think that something as tiny as a spinner gourd would be able to fit into the dehydrator rather easily. Any thoughts?

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Something I did last year when I needed my gourds to dry quickly was to green peel them and then set them out in the sun for about 2 weeks. When I did this, even my larger gourds dried within 2-3 weeks. The spinner gourds dried in 8-10 days.

It is very time consuming to green peel them. But I like the clean, perfectly colored surface for making ornaments, etc. On my dipper gourds, I discovered that by doing this, the gourd turned a beautiful tan color and it seemed like the final product was heartier than the normal way of drying them. That's just my experience with drying gourds.

I tried putting some gourds in my food dryer 2 years ago and it worked OK but the smell wasn't that pleasing. Drying gourds can put off a very interesting smell. It still took quite a while and at least with my food dryer, it wasn't economical. It really pulled the electricity! Hope this helps!

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