Blue Star Creeper - Stop Disease This Year

gamountainsApril 12, 2013

I think this is the most wonderful ground cover for the area I've planted it, but suddenly in the last week of May 2012 it got hit by something...but did recover here and there.

Any ideas in how to deal (prevent) with it this year before it's too late?

Thanks Very Much!!

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One would have to identify the problem in order to attempt any sort of prevention. And that photo is no clear indication of the issue. I'd suspect the damage or dieback was due to cultural conditions rather than to disease.

FWIW, blue star creeper can be affected by winter cold, excessive drought and heat. There is always a possibility of something being sprayed or dropped on it inadvertently as well. But it is not prone to any diseases I am aware of that one can prevent.

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Thanks for the follow up. It's certainly a mystery because it spread quite a bit after the initial outbreak and creeper is not know for disease from my readings as well. Spray or dropping was not the case. Probably something I should expect. It also happens with creeping jenny.

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