need climbing roses

megamacJune 7, 2009

I need the names of some climbing or running roses, other than New Dawn, especially that are fairly disease resistant and hardy. My New Dawns are doing great, but the others that I have out are doing poorly or only so-so. I am in Rome, get full afternoon sun (I know, but what are you going to do?) and have very good soil in the beds. No reason that I can figure why the ones I have aren't doing so well, but it has been three years and I am tired of fighting it. Thanks y'all!

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frannyflowers(7b Marietta, GA)

I have Climbing Pinkie. It's disease resistant, fragrant, reblooms and is almost thornless.

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Thanks franny, where did you find it?

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I recently planted three climbing pink roses: Climbing Pinkie, Renae and Clothilde Soupert. I also have a Cornelia which seems to want to climb. All of these were recommended as disease resistant repeat-bloomers. They all our doing fine, but the Climbing Pinkie and the Cornelia seem to be doing the best so far. But I've only had them in the ground a few months, and I get morning, not afternoon, sun.

I got them all from Roses Unlimited. I found this to be a very good company - nice plants, great service:

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frannyflowers(7b Marietta, GA)

I ordered it online through the Antique Rose Emporium. It was packed really well and though it was a little wilted when I got it, it perked right up and is thriving. I've only ordered once through them but I'm pleased with both roses I received.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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frannyflowers(7b Marietta, GA)

Also, I have a white Lady Banks rose I got from Home Depot. It's very hardy I actually forget about it after early Spring because it's planted next to a snowball bush that covers it up. It has small white flowers in the Spring and is supposed to be very vigorous. Mine hasn't grown much yet but like I said it's pretty covered up most of the year. I need to move it actually.

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I have yellow lady bank rose cuttings that are great. Mine blooms in the early spring and in the late fall. If you email me I can send you an almost fell safe propagation system to use to root them. It is so easy.

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Franny: the antique rose emporium is a really great place. I bought about a dozen different roses when I was in San Antonio three years ago. I will check with them.

Llink2 I will certainly check out their site. Thanks all.

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