Ajuga UGH!!!

valtorrez(6b)April 8, 2010

The house I purchased 2 years ago had ajuga in the front flower bed. It was plentiful and looked nice. Since that time, my ajuga has never grown full and spreaded like everyone says theirs have. What can I do to get it to grow. I'm sort of hating it. I cant weed this area because I cant tell difference from weed and ajuga.

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I'm not sure what to tell you, but I'm looking for ajuga reptans. If you have some of that please send some my way. I need for part shady spot under boxwoods. I would love to trade something with you...I have coralbells, lily of the valley, pink/purple coneflowers, blue rockwart, pink soapwart, blackeyed susans, orange daylilies, hostas or ask and maybe I have it. Just let me know what you want.

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

How do you know if you have Ajuga if you can't tell it from the weeds?

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Google "Ajuga photos" and compare your plants. Ajuga usually has a purplish tint to its short but wide the leaves.

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I tried several ajugas that I purchased from nurseries and plant departments (Home Depot) -- they had names like Chocolate chip, etc. I never had any luck. I was given ajuga at a local plant swap & it has flourished & rewarded me with a great ground cover and blue flowers in the spring. So I would suggest asking on Craig"s list or on a swap for some really vigorous ajuga -- not the named hybrids that are for sale commercially.

I had the same experience with Mexican evening primrose. The ones I bought withered. At the plant swap I was given some starts from a young woman who says "it's taking over my yard". This one has already bloomed a little and seems to be very happy in its new home.
Good luck.

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