Ground cover for steep wet sloped areas

JeannePaulApril 22, 2012

I have a 125' long, 20' ft high, steep hill in my backyard in the Canonsburg area in Washington County. As with all Pgh weather, it gets direct sun only 15% of the year. It has springs running thru it making the soil extremely wet. The soil is acidic, silty clay and I am searching for weed choking, low growing, hearty, quickly spreading GC that will flower nicely, stay low to the ground, say 4-8" and look like a nice, thick blanket all year round. Presently it is all mulched with various evergreen trees, bushes etc. I am looking to surround the vegetation with GC so I can stop weeding, mulching (it's so steep and wet, I often lose my footing while working on it!) Anyone out there have any success in a simlar setting? suggestions?

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Btw: we are in zone 6

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Anyone with some ideas? Desperate! :-). Thanx

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Suggest you look at some native plants - things that grow naturally under similar conditions. Unfortunately, not all that many cultivated groundcovers are going to be happy in wet soils. And it is difficult to get things established on a steep slope, especially anything that is particularly "weed-choking" unless it is a native plant.

Have you considered any ferns?

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Willing to give anything a go so I don't have to navigate on that hill. Ferns that are ground cover? Any ideas? Thanks for responding to my post!

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n757jh(6 north of the Finger Lakes NY)

I have steep slopes but sandy soil, and a bog at the bottom.
Daylilies are taking over part of the slope, and grow quickly. Lilies of the valley might work for you...

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All, thx for the help! Will try myrtle in our clay soil zone 6.

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If the Myrtle didn't help try Lysymachia or Creeping Jenny.

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