Finishing Gourds To Utilize

msbunny(9)June 27, 2005

Ok now, for how many hundreds of years did folks use gourds for water, wine, or other liquids? How did they finish the inside, or rather, clean it, to use for this purpose? In a bottle gourd, the bottom lump is hard to get at with tools. How'd the Indians and folks of ole finish out their gourds? They didn't have Dremel tools.

They burn wine barrels (the inside), but I'd think that'd leave a funky taste in a gourd.

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Lillie1441(b3 TX)

msbunny-Maybe this link will help to answer some of your questions.I think sometimes with all the newfangled products we make thing too complicated.Always looking for something new instead of going back to the "natural",and usually more logical way of doing it..........Lillie

Here is a link that might be useful: Making gourds food safe

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Nonnie_GA(7b GA)

Msbunny, my mom, who is 92 and going strong, said they always had a dipper gourd to use at the well. She said they didn't do anything to it but use it. They took a knife and cut it open and dug out the pulp and seeds and scraped around the inside with a spoon. One of the gourds books, I think it is "The Complete Book of Gourd Crafts", says that most gourds can be used after letting water sit in it for a day or two, and repeat with new water until the bitter taste is gone. I think Lillie is right about the natural way.


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msbunny--Hi-My sister bought me a gourd book for my Birthday that is the best book ever (wish I had it 6 months sooner) It is called "The Complete Book of Gourd Craft" and she got it at Barnes and Nobel--It has the directions for making the Gourds food safe and it is very easy--Good luck and have fun--Nancy

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