pachysandra blight HELP!!!

cormorant67(Z6 PA)April 4, 2007

I don't know what to do....I am scared I am going to lose all my beautiful pachysandra. I have had sporatic outbreaks of blight but it never affected the entire sea of green. I am so very upset.

Who do I contact for treatment? I don't want to treat this myself...I to make sure whatever need to be done is done so I don't lose it all.

Thanks so much for any replies.

I live in Bucks County, PA. Can anyone tell me who I should contact?

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I am bumping this up because I have the same problem in Massachusetts. I have a beautiful and very large area of pachysandra under tall trees. The bed is over 30 years old.

This die-back started in one area a few years ago and is spreading rapidly. I don't know what to do. I have never heard of pachysandra having any problems. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Pachysandra leaf blight is a fungal problem. It's occurrence is often a result of the plants being under stress for some reason - drought, winter injury, insect infestation, etc.

There are various methods of treatment, however your best success is to determine the cause of the stress and eliminate it. And remove all affected plants and dispose of them.

Here is a link that might be useful: pachysandra leaf blight fact sheet

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Thanks gardengal. I did see this info on Google and it is useful The weird thing is that I can't figure out what possilbe stress this bed could be having. Nothing has changed.

I have wondered if the spring clean-up guys accidentally brought the fungus in on their equipment. But I have never seen anything like this on pachysandra anywhere in the northeast.

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Hello. I was looking through the archives because I have the same problem this spring. What happened to your pachysandra bed? Did you resolve the problem or did you loose your plants?

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chezmoose(z4/5 MI)

My mom is having a similar problem. She has a big bare spot in a bed of pachysandra that's been there for years.

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I am happy to report that my pachysandra is CURED, alive and spreading again. I had to use a serious chemical tho and I rarely use chemicals in my garden. One application did miracles within a week or two.

A warning: I was about to load the hose-end sprayer with the stuff and I decided to read the entire little brochure attached to the container. At the very end, it said FATAL. I had on shorts and flip-flops. So I went in and put on heavy gear, rubber gloves (which I threw out aftewards) and shoes and socks.

I can't remember the name of the stuff--I have some in the basement--but it's the only thing that will kill this fungus. If you go to a good aggie store or a real nursery with a full line of products, they will show you. Not the big box stores.

I am so happy to see my beautiful pachysandra recover, tho it will take a year or two to fill in where it had completely died.

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elljays(z4 OH)

Ginny, could you post the name of the product you used? I have the same problem with our pachysandra bed, but I hate to waste money or use a chemical that won't work! Thanks!

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Ginny - PLEASE post what you used to cure the problem. I too have the same problem and have lost two large areas and now am at risk of loosing another large area. Thank you

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