Spotted the dread moth

vtgreenthumbJune 28, 2009

I spotted my first SVB Moth ever today. I noticed it was messing with the tops of my plants, not the base. It seemed to be messing with my beloved buttercups, not my summer squash or pumpkins. Will they lay eggs all over the plant, or just around the bases?? Needless to say, I will be checking the plants for damage and trying to remove the larvae, if necessary. I had minor damage two years ago, but none last year. I'm hoping to avoid any major damage.

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sueloring(zone 4)

We live in northwest Iowa....spotted our first SVB moth last Friday on BatWing pumpkin plant and over the weekend we have killed 14 of them. Some were mating on top of leaves and found a couple dead that way---we had sprayed with Eight last week to combat cucumber beetles and so it must have done the trick on the SVB moths.
Was happy to see the dead ones. Nothing more satisfying to know that we can't stop them all but we took care of some.
A couple of them we watched them land and the moths climbed down to the base of the plants before we killed them. So that is where I figured they would be laying their eggs. The ones on top of leaves were mating here and were a lot easier to kill.
Now we count off 2 weeks and wait for the borers to emerge.
Between the nasty thunderstorms and the bugs I am feeling a little stressed.

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Is it possible to spot the eggs and destroy them? Anyone know? I haven't been able to spot anything resembling small brown eggs on the stems.

I gleefully murdered a squash vine borer moth yesterday.
Of course, it probably did it's damage before I caught it. I've never had any luck removing the larvae.

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