Wintergreen for!

swede1234(4)April 26, 2013

I used to get Wintergreen tea years ago at a co-op, & really loved it... but they discontinued it many years ago... also used to find it in the woods when I was a scoutmaster....I have never seen a place sell Wintergreen around here...

Got to really craving it again.... Thought it might be nice to grow it myself... where can I get seeds? I live here in Central MN... (Actually in a wooded area with lots of shade) Meanwhile, where can I purchase Wintergreen Tea? I notice that people grow Wintergreen for ground cover, but I just need a small amount for use for tea... Also notice some say Wintergreen is good for Arthritis... Any truth to that?

Thanks for any help!..


"At my age, I'm not so interested in the adult world anymore. I remember back to when I was 12 or 13, and remember the amazement I had with the colors of the rainbow, the slime of my sunfish on my fingers, and the smell of garden dirt under my toes..."

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