Gourds & Fleas

msbunny(9)June 21, 2005

I remember growing up, my neighbor grew gourds on his Beagle pen fence. He said gourds repeled fleas. Has anyone ever heard this before, or is it just some type of folklure?

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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

I've never heard of that. There are other plants that seem to repel fleas, like wormwood and myrtle, but I don't know why gourds would. I wonder if he had something else growing nearby, but thought it was the gourds because they were the most obvious?


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Boy! that is a new one.. never heard of that. If you do find out for sure would love hear the answer to that.. by the way I`m new here.. enjoying it so far....:-))))

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chiggie14(zone 9)

Since I grow gourds every year and have a constant battle with flees all summer, I'm thinking that they probably don't repel them. That'd be great if they did though! :)

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