Flowers during the daytime??

artfart(north, ca.)June 9, 2005

Hi all.

This is my first attempt at growing gourds. Plants seem to be growing well. Some vines are up to 6 feet or so.

I did quite a bit of reading on the subject before planting and I thought the blossoms were supposed to open at night. I have several fully opened blossoms, but they are open all day. I believe them to be female as they are on lateral growth and look like they have a little gourd underneath. I'm excited about my first try at this but what gives with the blossoms in the daytime??


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This morning (6:30) I went out as usual to check up on the gourd vines and lo and behold there was a small white flower there. It was growing from the main vines, so I assumed that it was a male.

No sunshine today down here in South Florida (big storm in the Gulf), so maybe that has something to do with it.

Isn't this fun Amy?

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artfart(north, ca.)

Hi Wert,

I've been watching the reports on your storm. I wish you good luck.

Yes this is fun, but I thought I had a good idea what to expect, I should have known better. The little extra challenge will be part of the fun.


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I think the weather has alot to do with all gardens right now.
Mine was at a standstill for a bit cause of the night time temps.
Its now taking off and growing like crazy.
Most of my hardshelled gourds bloomed in the evening and early morning so who knows.

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artfart(north, ca.)


You could be right, the weather here has been strange all year. The blossoms do seem to be doing what they should now, opening in the evening and closing during the day. The flowers are sure pretty, I wish they would last a little longer. I have several little gourds, up to about an inch through the largest part so I think they got pollinated. I guess I will know for sure pretty soon. I'm not much of a gardener, but you probably guessed that already.


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They're beautiful, like frilly huge petunias. Just don't smell them thinking they'll smell that way too. BLEUGH!

I love my gourds, love my plants, love the flowers, but I know I better not get a whiff. Gourd plants, frankly, smell terrible. Flowers too. Oh well, gotta pay for them somehow! :)


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artfart(north, ca.)

Thanks for the heads up Casey. I will not smell them.


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