Using Waorm Castings and other items in planting holes

Markshep(8a)June 27, 2012

Anyone here use worm castings as fertilizer? I recently saw a farmer on craigslist selling it and plan to buy some for my tomato and pepper plants when I transplant. I figure to use 1 cup or so per hole. Any other reccommendations? I have read about powdered milk, egg shells, epsom salts (which I currently use and plan to use), baking soda, sugar and banana peels. Anyone have luck with any or all or something different? I have about 2 weeks before I will transplant my plants.

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My recommendation is to checkout the sample and make your decision based on that. Do not make a large purchase the first time and ensure those are screened (I had the hardest time one time keeping up with all the hitchhikers (weeds) because the person didn't screen them well). By the way, I think you can't overdo when you are using organic solution such as worm castings.

(If you were to use about half to your soil mix but use the rest to brew tea and apply them on the plants (using a spray after taking it through strainer), that would be the best case scenario. :)

( To Brew - fill up a 5 Gal bucket, apply two cup worm cast, 2 table spoon molasses and run it 24 hours using a aquarium pump/airstone) - > I used it and ended up with 7-8 feet tall Tomato plants .. still enjoying ... :))

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Thank You for the response and tip! I was curious as to hwo much better the worm tea is compared to cow manure tea? Is it that much better?

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