Fast growing privacy shrub, Hedge, Ornamental grasses, Rosebush?

frawriApril 5, 2010

I am renting a nice home with a big lot, but we have no privacy from the road, and we have loads of big trucks passing by every day. I would like some sort of privacy hedge, bush, climbing rose bush, ornamental grasses, that can block the view from the road to our house. It would have to be able to grow with in the first year to block the view. We are not certain how long we will be staying in this house, maybe another two to three years. So of course we wouldnÂt want a plant that will take 3 to 10 years to grow tall enough to do the job. I know this is asking a lot of a plant, but it is kind of pointless to get something and not be there to enjoy the privacy that it gives us. I also know you can buy bigger plants that are already half way grown, but we can't afford a lot, and we have about 60 feet to cover, so that is going to take a lot of plants to do the job more plants equals more money. The soil is of mostly clay, and it will be in full sunlight, hope someone can help us, God bless.


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I can't think of any ornamental grass which will fit your description of needs. Almost all of the tall ones need to be cut back to the ground every spring, and do not regain their mature height until sometime in mid-late summer.

I also cannot think of any other sort of perennial which will grow from small pot size to privacy height in it's first year. Most of them take at least 3 years to reach mature height, in good growing conditions. Shrubs take even longer. Climbing roses need something to climb on. If zoning permits it, you could build a trellis of appropriate height, and install fast-growing flowering vines like Morning Glory. The trellis would provide a bit of privacy until the vines fill in every year.

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Look into ornamental sugar cane. Some can grow as much as 10 feet a year.

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