cutting back grasses

shannonApril 25, 2006

You will love this. the books says cut grass back in Feb Mar. I got a new grass late last fall "Dallas Blue". I was waiting for it to show growth before I cut it down. Cut back part of it a month ago and the part I cut back is now showing growth but the part I cut back this past weekend still looks very dead. The little blue stem I was waiting to cut down until I got a thing built to hold it up when it flops this summer looks almost dead. the other one I cut back a month ago is up 6-7 inches.

Moral of the story is follow the instructions. They really do work. Good Luck Growing. I love the forum read it all the time just lost my pass word this winter.

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Thanks for your post. Your empirical observations go beyond the books. Conclusion: cutting back late retards spring growth. I had wondered about that.

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jake(z4b-5 NE)

Cutting back the grasses early versus late can have a benefit to your grasses. This allows thje plant to warm up sooner and possibly start growing a week or so earlier than normal.

Waiting until the right time to cut back whether it be " .. I've always cut my grasses at this time of year" or if you follow a book and wait until that certain week or time, can have the reverse effect then what I stated earlier.

The warming of the ground and the plant crown are part of the growing cycle for grasses.

But like any plant and not being able to control Mother Nature, plants sprouting too soon can cause your plants to suffer from late spring freeze or cold spell.

As an ornamental grass grower I've tried most all avenues of cutting back and have had success w/ each and everyone and have had failures as well.


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