Thyme, irish moss, sand or sun tolerant moss between pavers

jillyluis(6A)April 26, 2013

We are completing our hardscaping, and we will have somewhere around 500-700 SQ of cobblestones (>1000 stones!yikes). I had planned on putting either irish moss, or thyme in, but then came across sun tolerant moss. And then I did the math, and thought, wow, that is a lot of cracks to fill and more importantly to weed. We need to have the water drain, so impermeable sand is not an option. Which of the four options would be the lowest maintenance? I'd appreciate anyones' thoughts on the beauty v. maintenance of thyme v. irish moss v. sun-tolerant moss v. permeable sand. I have big gardening dreams, but have a full time job and a toddler.

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Depends on how sunny it is, how fast the underlying material drains and how frequently you need/wish to water. Both Irish and Scotch mosses like rich soil and plenty of water. Thyme likes it hot, lean and on the dry side. I am not very familiar with sun tolerant mosses although I'd suspect they'd be both hard to find and moisture lovers.

Weeds will grow up through anything - you just need to be prepared to weed from time to time to keep things tidy. If using only the permeable sand then much easier to use some sort of herbicide to keep weeds in check.

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Thank you, that is very helpful. I'm leaning toward sand for the driveway and thyme for the courtyard.

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