Lupine's in GA

aprilfool(7)June 27, 2007

Do Lupines grow well in central Georgia?

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What is this plant?

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Lupine's are a tall growing flower, very pretty, looks something like a foxglove to me. You can look the picture up on google.

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i used to grow lupines in my garden in England. I have tried to grow them from seed several times but with no sucess.

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I was wondering if Lupines should be sown in the winter? Anyone know?

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natalie4b(7b GA)

I love lupins as much as my ninja-rabbits. They come by at night and "take care" of my favorites. I keep on planting lupins year after year still hoping the results will be different. Gardeners are optimists, aren't we? :-)

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While Lupines are primarily a western US Genus (about 100 species in Calif.), there are at least 2 species native to southern GA, Lady and Sundial Lupine. I haven't tried them, because of lack of suitable growing environment(sun), but after all of my lawn dried up due to this years drought, I now have some additional areas available for plants, assuming I ever receive some rainfall!

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

Bump! I am wanting to try them. Any new or additional information would be wonderful. The Southern Living Garden book says to treat them as annuals - plant in fall, be grateful for the flowers in spring, and don't expect more than that. Full sun, regular water. Not a lot of info!

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