Help with my pumpkin vine

bterrier121(Zone 6)June 26, 2007

hey everybody,

this is my first year planting pumpkins, and they are doing pretty well, each on their 4th or 5th male flower.

but the problem is i am looking at the new female flowers, just coming onto the vine, and some are yellow, they look like they are going to die. im just worried because i have been working constantly at keeping these plants healthy!

thanks for the help,


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Anthony, it's quite normal that pumpkins form more flower buds than they can actually mature. Especially early on, many female flowers will abort. It's not a problem. If you would like, when you see one start to yellow, you can pick it and cook it like a miniature zucchini.

Tahlequah, OK

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bterrier121(Zone 6)

thanks george, i feel more secure about my pumpkins!

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